Q&A with emerging artist – Freud Thomas

Freud Thomas is a fascinating and talented young artist who merges digital and hand drawing in order to create amazing portraits.


Etch: How long have you been involved in the art scene and what makes you intrigued with it?

Freud: I started drawing when I was 13 years old in 2013. I always hear people say they have been drawing since they were kids, but I’ve just recently picked up drawing. Art is a way for so many people to express themselves. There are so many different mediums and styles; it’s interesting to see what other artists are able to create.

E: Do you think art/creativity has inspired you or has broadened your life and if so, in what ways?

F: Art has transformed the way I view the world. You are able to see the beauty in the mundane, inspiration in the ordinary, and life in the lifeless.  My world has opened up and I became more observant of the things and people around me.

E: What, artist (musician, painter, sculptor, author. etc ) dead or alive, inspires you to create the things you do?

F: My two favorite artists are Caravaggio and Howard Pyle. Caravaggio was both an amazing artist and an interesting person. He blurred the line between creator and his creations. His life story is worth a good read. Howard Pyle was an American golden age illustrator that was a master of storytelling.

E: What is your creative process? How do you get in the zone for your creativity? (what are your rituals, habits?)

F: I am one of those people that lack any type of rituals. I just jump in and hope for the best! I used to do warm-up sketches before I started working, but now I just go straight in. I often listen to music or podcasts to help me get inspired. I heavily recommend The Collective Podcast or Level Up.

E: If you’ve learned one thing through your creative life, what would you tell aspiring young artists?

F: I’m an inspiring young artist myself, so I’m not full of wisdom and knowledge. My one advice to young artist would be to draw or paint everyday and the results will come. It’s better to draw a different thing every single day, than spend months working on a single piece. In art, mileage is key! It doesn’t matter how long you spend reading or watching about art, but rather the time you’ve spent with pencil on paper.

E: If you could tell your 5-year-old self-today a lesson you’ve learned by being an artist what would that be? (in other words: what is something you’ve learned now that you wish you had known growing up?

F: I would tell myself that there is not one path to becoming an artist. I used to be so scared of failure.  I would try to find the perfect path to success in as little time as possible, but there is not one path without struggles or challenges; just choose a subject matter and medium and just draw!

E: What is one thing the art world is missing today that you think it needs more of?

F: The art world is in dire need of new influences and inspirations. Artists need to move away from being inspired by other artists, but instead, find inspirations in their life or other disciplines. This will keep the art world fresh, new, and vibrant.

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