Q&A with Emerging Artist – Giorgos Kapsalakis

Giorgos Kapsalakis is a 22 years old painter based in Athens, Greece. He is a graduate of Art School in Αthens and has attended AKMI college to study 3D animation. Not being challenged enough he then attended VSA University in Athens from which he earned a degree in Mixed Media Fine Arts.

Meet Giorgos:

Asset 17_1

Etch: What, artist (musician, painter, sculptor, author. etc ) dead or alive, inspires you to create the things you do?

Giorgos: I call them the holly triad. J.Saville E.Schiele and A. Giacometti. I am fascinated by the way these particular artists manipulate lines and movement.

E: What is your creative process? How do you get in the zone for your creativity? (what are your rituals, habits?)

G: When i am in my studio, I just need to put on some good music and everything falls in line.

E:  If you could tell your 5-year-old self-today a lesson you’ve learned by being an artist what would that be? (in other words: what is something you’ve learned now that you wish you had known growing up?

G: I would like to know that it needs hard work and devotion, to know that you have to ”sacrifice” some parts of your personal life in order to achieve something. Also, that isolation is of major importance so that you can face yourself and thus improve it, resulting in improving your art. 

E: When you hear Creativity what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

G: Oils and brushes!

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